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​Safety First

High-stability Screw Nuts

Anti-loosening design prevents bolts from falling off and eliminate safety hazards.

Torque Sensor

The sensor automatically detects the vehicle's posture. Once it detects that the vehicle is being pushed rather than pedaled, it will not provide power assistance, preventing the vehicle from going out of control.

Double Drum Brakes

Accurate braking system with superb durability to cope with unexpected road conditions and ensure rider's safety.

Smart Headlight

The headlight will turn on when night light sensor detects low light and vehicle vibration, with a solar panel to keep battery power.


​Safety First

Helmet Guidance

In-app instructions and on-vehicle signs remind and guide riders to wear helmets properly.

Topple Detection

If the sensor detects that the vehicle has tipped over, the vehicle will automatically cut off power to prevent the rider from being dragged and hurt.

Waterproof Gadgets

The IPX7 waterproof rating keeps the antenna boxes safe from rain damage and eliminates the possibility of battery failure.


Safe Battery

High Quality and Stability

The widly used LG high-energy battery cells ensure the reliability of batteries and eliminate the possibility of accidents.

Outstanding Performance

HelloRide batteries, which pass thermal shock and high low temperature tests, withstand extreme temperatures in a range of 14˚F and 131˚F (-10℃ and 55℃).

Smart Detection

By combining reliable LG high-energy battery cells, with an intelligent BMS, which tracks real-time battery conditions, the battery system guarantees battery safety and preventing accidents from occurring.

Warehouse Maintenance

We will build 24-hour warehouses to monitor and maintain batteries which will be repaired once being detected damaged or faulty, protecting batteries health.

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