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We are 


Leadership in Micromobility

Founded in 2016, Hello Inc. (formerly known as Hello) is a leading mobility platform that offers diversified ride options covering two-wheelers, including shared bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and battery swaps, and four-wheelers, including Hello Pool and Hello car-hailing.


By the end of 2022, Hello has accumulated more than 500 million users in over 400 cities with a total distance travelled of 42 billion kilometers, reducing carbon emissions by 1940 kilotons.

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Our Latest Vehicles

Smart Shared Bike OA45

(2024 Model)


Smart E-Bike OY19

(2024 Model)

our vehicles

Diverse options to suit your transportation needs

We welcome your feedback on the transport options you love most. Stay tune for this section as we will be releasing newer transport options frequently.

Why us?

 We provide the most

Optimal Riding Experience

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Swappable Battery

Long-range lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 120 km.

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Braking System

Durable drum brakes for high braking agility and improved user experience.

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Aluminium Alloy Frame

Robust material for the smoothest ride and rust resistance.

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Adjustable Seat

The air valve design allows easy and agile height adjustment.


Why us?

Our vehicles are

designed for Comfort and Ease

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Powerful Motor

Powerful electric assistance helps riders tackle hilly terrain with ease and without the need of increased pedal effort.

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Non-pneumatic Hollow Tires

Powerful vibration damping for improved vehicle stability and a comfortable ride.

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Ergonomically Designed Vehicles

The low centre of gravity provides maximum ergonomic comfort and total control of the vehicle.

编组 16.png

Foam Cushion

Effectively mitigates the effects of bumps caused by complex terrains for a smoother ride.



Reliable and high-quality design


Easy to find, easy to ride


Optimal riding experience


Longer distance, lesser carbon emission


Our Innovations 

Hybrid-Parking Technology: deploy the beacon in the designated area, then set geofencing through the Bluetooth positioning technology. The system can intelligently determine the parking status of the vehicle by an intelligent algorithm.

Dockless designated parking technology: this technology aims to establish standardized parking areas through the location of users’ mobile phones and vehicles and then determine the return location.

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